From modest bathroom to advanced health, beauty and entertainment space

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From modest bathroom to advanced health, beauty and entertainment space

In our second instalment of homes of the future, we delve into what’s in store for the bathroom – evolving from a modest room to a media rich, personalised and customisable space.

Bathroom Entertainment 

In itself, bathroom entertainment is not all that new a concept – we already shower with the radio on, scan our social media feeds in the bathroom and even set up our laptops and tablets to watch videos while in the bath. The future of bathrooms will combine these systems and make them more advanced – surfaces will be waterproof, displays will be interacted with using voice or gesture, sensors will detect your body position to coordinate the ideal location for images and sound, and the wall and floor tiles themselves may act as flat panel speakers and displays.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Panasonic has created a concept ‘smart mirror’ which allows you to project different make-up looks on the user’s face. The mirror will also be able to provide tips and instructions on the latest looks in make-up. Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson believes that the mirror won’t function just for aesthetics, but could also perform health checks, retina scans and breath analysing sensors.

Ecological initiatives

Sustainability and eco-concerns will drive designs for bathrooms of the future. Already, bathrooms are getting cleaner and more water-efficient. In the future, we will see more designs which recycle the water, for example reusing water drained from the sink to flush the toilet, and new shower heads with eco modes and timers which help reduce water consumption.

Robots helping to clean and groom

The old household chore of cleaning the bathroom will be a thing of the past – thankfully – as household robots will do the dirty work for us.

Looking even further to the future, robots may also play a hand in your massaging, bathing or applying high precision makeup.

What else is in store?

  • According to, you won’t be able to hide from the scales anymore as they will be built into the tile or rug.
  • Toilets will autonomously lift and lower the lid, heat the seat, and clean themselves
  • With the advances of 3D printers, your bathroom fittings will become completely customisable, for example your bath could be shaped to align with your specific body shape

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