What will the humble home kitchen look like in 10 years?

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What will the humble home kitchen look like in 10 years?

It comes as no surprise to anyone that technology in the future will reshape and change the world in new and exciting ways. Let's look at how new technology may impact our most basic living within our homes

As part of our series on homes of the future, we dig into what the humble home kitchen might look like in coming years.

The smart kitchen

According to Whirlpool, touchscreen and complete personalisation will be the future of the everyday kitchen. In fact, the entire kitchen may be completely connected, with everything controlled from a singular tablet device. 

Future smart kitchens will be able to recognise who’s in the room and customise what they need on a touchscreen display. Kitchens will also have the ability to sync up with family schedules: displaying to-do lists, live school bus ETAs and providing tips for healthy lunches for the kids.

Going even further, appliances may communicate with one another, allowing your fridge and your pantry to come together to devise recipe suggestions for dinner based on what’s currently available in the home.

A cooking revolution

Cookbooks and tablets will become a thing of the past, as recipes and cooking methods will be projected onto your cooking and prep surfaces from overhead.

For example, IKEA’s “Table for Living” is a futuristic design of a table which has sophisticated sensors and an intelligent interface to act as a recipe book providing suggested recipes based on the ingredients that are placed on the table. It will also advise on the best way to cut certain ingredients, measure the weight of your food and act as a stove top to cook the meal. The aim is to reduce food waste and help people make more thoughtful decisions about food.

Whirlpool also predicts we will have smart stoves which will sense the type of food items that are placed on top, and heat them to the perfect temperature.

Food storage

As part of their Concept Kitchen 2025, IKEA introduced the idea of “The Modern Pantry”, which features a door-less system where refrigerated food is stored in transparent containers that are temperature controlled through induction cooling technology embedded into the shelves. The idea is to help keep your eyes on your food, so you know what you have on hand and won’t buy too much.

In parallel, GE appliance designers believe that refrigerators will be able to take inventory of what's inside the fridge and place an order for a food delivery, making shopping trips quicker and easier in the future.

If these ideas seem far off, just remember we already have many of these technologies in place in one form or another. As the digital revolution progresses, it will just be a matter of combining all these ideas under one roof, and more specifically in just the one room – the kitchen.


Images sourced from IDEO and IKEA Concept Kitchen 2025.

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