Asset Management

The Asset Management team is proactive in identifying complex issues that affect the performance of investment properties, both from an operations and valuation perspective. Savills innovative asset property management solutions and broad suite of specialist divisions include:


Facilities Management

Savills provides a wide range of specialised facilities management and consulting services, delivering key advice and innovative planning to suit any client property needs.

Property Accounting

Savills has the most advanced real estate management systems in Australia, based on an MRI platform used by Savills Internationally, and offers 24-hours-a-day access to property information for both staff and clients.

Property Management

The Property Management division delivers pro-active, up-to-date and focused advice on all real estate issues, to maximise the value of clients’ property assets.


Key contact

Rino Carpinelli

Rino Carpinelli

National Head

Asset Management

+61 (0) 8 8237 5005


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