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A hassle-free living with Savills Property Management Solutions (SPMS)

Savills Vietnam has launched Savills Property Management Solutions (SPMS). Developed exclusively by the in-house team, this bespoke system is expected to pave a new path in real estate technology.

Here’s how SPMS will provide residents with hassle-free living:

1. Book amenities

Residents and tenants are not always fully aware of the availability of the community amenities when needed. Residents have to ask for support from the receptionist or customer service attendant for an available timeslot and book the spaces in advance. Now with SPMS, all amenities such as karaoke, common rooms and BBQ areas can be reserved very quickly and easily. Always leaving things to the last minute? No need to worry, you can check amenity availability instantly.

Savills Vietnam

Residences can book amenities instantly

2. Real-time access to information

Data is updated automatically and stored online, allowing both the management team and residents to access all the necessary features from electronic devices. The ability to control and have everything updated remotely means you can have eyes on your property while you are away.

3. 24/7 support

Technical issues can happen at any time. However, residents are not always able to reach the management team immediately. With SPMS, you can log on the app 24/7 to report any problems. The system immediately alerts the management team and helps track and prioritize requests, ensuring that urgent needs are addressed before they become major, expensive problems.

4. Improved communication

SPMS gives residents the ability to directly contact the property management team. The system also keeps residents updated on the progress of requests. SPMS offers an official and direct way to contact the property management team, as we understand that responsiveness and communication are the keys to retaining good renters and providing residents with hassle-free living.

5. Online payments

With SPMS, residents can pay their bills and services fees on the app, anywhere and anytime. You can also pay your outstanding bills via secured payment gateway at any convenience store (via PAYOO) and no longer need to remember information such as bank account, payment code, payment amount and payment descriptions. Residents can also stop worrying about lost bill records as payments are recorded within the system.

SPMS is a user-friendly, management information system available via a centralised website and mobile application. Download now for FREE at:

App Store | IOS:

Google Play Store | Android:


For further information:

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