Easter home decorating ideas

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Easter home decorating ideas

Before the family digs into the Easter eggs this year, get everyone together for an afternoon of craft.  We’ve collated five interesting and fun Easter decorations that you can make yourself at home. 

  1. Crepe paper carrots - To add an element of cuteness into the home… Made of wrapped paper streamers, these adorable little bundles are actually surprise gifts. As you unwind the paper, you find the trinkets - jewellery, a novelty, a toy. Display a basketful as a centrepiece or leave a trail of them for the kids to find instead of chocolate eggs. Image credit: Martha Stewart (photographer: Kate Mathis)
  2. Bunny napkin - Brighten up the lunch or dinner table with these fabulous bunny ear napkins. The napkin print really makes these stand out so invest in some quality napkins and then try your hand at this folding tutorial. Just note it may take a few go’s to master the art of this one! Image credit: Driven by Decor
  3. Paint card Easter egg banner - Pop down to Bunnings or your local hardware store and collect a small handful of paint sample cards in bright or pastel colours. Draw an egg shape on one of the cards avoiding any text, then use that to trace out the rest of the eggs. Simply stick them onto string with sticky tape and voila, a cute Easter banner. Image credit: The Sweetest Digs
  4. Easter lolly jars - If you’d prefer that the kids actually save some of those sweets, make these cute Easter jars – just maybe they’ll be tempted to leave some until tomorrow. Paint a thin layer of glue over the jar and cover in glitter. Cut ears, whiskers and feet out of felt and glue to the lid and jar. Stick on eyes and a pom pom as the tail, from a craft store. And the best part? Fill them with smarties or lollies and gift them to friends or store lollies in the pantry. Image credit: Crazy Little Projects
  5. Geometric paper origami egg - Fancy yourself a bit of an artist? This fairly tricky project will see you trim and fold paper until you can trim and fold no more!

    Follow this step by step guide by The Proper Blog. The effort will certainly be worth it, and you can hang this in the living room, on the front door or place on the dining table as a centrepiece. 

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