The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

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The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

The process of moving house, however, is sometimes more lengthy than initially anticipated and can easily become overwhelming if you go in without a plan.  

The best way forward is to organise your time and set a checklist to keep you on track, your costs low and your stress at bay, until the only item left on the agenda is enjoying a well-earned glass of wine in your new home. 

Here are a few key tips to moving homes:

One month before moving

  1. Find a removalist: Book professional removalists early to secure your ideal moving day
  2. Arrange special transport: Consider extra vehicles and pets to be moved
  3. Repairs & maintenance: Book a handyperson to take care of your outgoing house clean up
  4. Organise paperwork: Group expenses and other documents together so you don’t lose them in the move 
  5. Book secure storage: If you need secure storage for household items, get it sorted early
  6. Internet: Contact your internet provider to notify them of the new address and arrange for installation at the new house when you arrive
  7. Declutter items: Clear out old clothes and unwanted household items now, so they don’t come with you in the move. A good idea is to donate them to charity
  8. Create an inventory: Take stock of all moving items, noting fragile items and heavy furniture
  9. Start packing: Secure packing takes time, so start early with items you won’t use between now and moving day

One week before moving

  1. Final inspection: If you’ve purchased a new property, inspect it 24-48 hours before settlement
  2. Notify utilities: Cancel electricity, gas, water and others. Book new services
  3. Mail redirection: Make sure to redirect your mail accordingly
  4. Organise essentials: Ready yourself for moving day by setting essentials aside; these are items you will need on hand during the move and immediately after. We recommend keeping a kettle, cups and teabags/coffee as part of your essentials (as well as maybe a wine glass or two)!
  5. Finish packing: Ensure packing is completed days before the big day
  6. Confirm removalist & storage: If you are moving interstate, this is particularly important. Double check dates, provide details and pay invoices
  7. Create a floor plan: This helps removalists place furniture in your new property
  8. Organise cleaning: Plan the cleaning of your old house. Don’t try to finish this on moving day unless you can definitely get it done

One day before moving

  1. Set this day aside for any last-minute jobs that need completing. 
  2. Last minute tasks: Tidy up, go over your inventory and confirm moving services if you haven’t already. 
  3. Pets: It’s also a good time to consider your pets; a good idea may be to drop them off at a family or friend’s home so they are safe and out of the way on moving day.

If you’ve followed the steps above, you should already be well-prepared to move in the morning.

Moving day 

  1. Brief removalists: Give them a tour of your home, including furniture and fragile items, and provide them with your floor plan
  2. Tick off inventory: Go through your belongings as they are loaded on the truck
  3. Carry important items: Valuables like jewellery, laptops, and incidentals should be moved with you
  4. Secure house: Go through to make sure everything is packed and the house is left clean (or you have plans to clean later)
  5. Return keys: Give keys and any access passes back to the landlord or property manager if necessary
  6. Direct removalists: Make sure you are present at the new house to show removalists around
  7. Check condition of items: Before sending off the removalists, check the condition and review inventory
  8. Essentials first: Put beds together, and arrange kitchen and living areas as a priority
  9. Utilities setup: Ensure the gas, water, electricity and Internet are set up

Download the checklist

Download our handy checklist as a PDF and fill it out as you go.

If you follow this checklist next time you move house, it will make for a simple, efficient and stress-free process. All that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your new home.

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