Reuse candle jars to add ambience to your home

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Reuse candle jars to add ambience to your home

Scented candles are a fantastic way to bring tranquillity, ambience and beautiful fragrances into your home. But have you ever wondered what to do with your old candle jars?

There are many ways we can reuse our old candle jars, and as many of the jars now come with lids, they can be converted to use as storage containers.

How to get your jar ready

  1. Once your candle has burnt out, carefully remove the remainder of the wick and wax using hot water
  2. Thoroughly wash the jar and dry with a towel, making sure that there is no excess left in the jar

Ideas for reusing an empty candle jar

  • Store bathroom items - cotton buds, facial wipes and cotton balls can all be neatly stored away
  • Flower holder or small pot for plants - blooming flowers and fragrant buds such as roses, gardenias and jasmine can all look great
  • Tea light holder - reuse the candle jars as candle jars! You could also create mood lighting by reinserting smaller candles and wrapping the outside of the jars with thin materials
  • Store kitchen spices, tea bags or even perishables
  • Makeup holder or pencil holder - put your empty candle jar to a novel use

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