Hong Kong’s Little India

Unlike Singapore, Hong Kong does not have its own official “Little India”, the Hong Kong Indian Community is actually wide spread throughout the Territory but perhaps more so and with deeper roots in Tsim Sha Tsui.

History of Indians in HK

The history of Indians in Hong Kong can be traced back to the early days of British Hong Kong; the Indian troops played an important role in the development of Hong Kong. This shaping of Hong Kong continued after the war and is evident in the founding of the University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) and the Star Ferry – all founded by notable resident Indians! 

In 1952 business leaders of the Indian Community founded the Indian Chamber of Commerce HK, paving the way and strengthening Indian trade in Hong Kong and Southern China.

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Businesses involved

The Indian diaspora in Hong Kong is diversified, ranging from entrepreneurial businessmen (and women), land owners, restaurant owners; diamond traders, jewellery wholesalers, teachers and labourers.

You must have heard of them...

Visionary residents including businessman Hormusjee Naorojee Mody moved from Bombay to Hong Kong and partnered with Chater to start a real estate brokerage, Chater and Mody, which specialised in and led to the development of Tsim Sha Tsui.


The Indian community in TST


Indian families have been influential in Tsim Sha Tsui ever since, tycoons in their own right. The Harilela family owns the Holiday Inn Golden Mile on Haiphong Road and they also use Kowloon Centre as their headquarters.  Owner of Newry, Mr Makhija also owns a few floors in Lippo Sun Plaza and Silvercord, with a headquarters in Lippo Sun Plaza.

Kundamal House, Chungking Mansions, Mirador Mansion, New Mandarin Plaza and Ocean View Court to name a few, are other prime properties with significant Indian ownership.  The streets of Tsim Sha Tsui are famous and infamous to both tourists and locals alike, lined with Indian tailor shops, jewellery shops, restaurants and provision stores … colour, culture and a shoppers paradise.

And let’s not forget the two way stream:  after all India is the third largest economy in Asia (after China and Japan). Hong Kong is one of India’s major export markets and in 2016 India  was Hong Kong’s third largest export market, with significant benefits to both countries and no doubt due in part to the skill sets and patronage of our Hong Kong Indian community.

Home is where the heart is: Hong Kong has its own “little India” and it’s not so little!

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