Kunshan releases “Five Zones, One Line” plan for urban renewal

26 September 2018

Kunshan, with Shanghai to the east and Suzhou to the west, has been ranked 1st among China’s county-level economies for 13 consecutive years. It is home to a population of 2.6 million, with its GDP surpassing RMB 350 billion and its fiscal revenue in excess of RMB 35 billion. It is also home to over 1,000 hi-tech companies that have helped shape the city’s four economic pillars—optoelectronics, semiconductors, intelligent manufacturing, and RNAi and biomedicine. On July 10, 2018, the Jiangsu Provincial Government approved the Master Plan of Kunshan for Urban Development (2017-2035), which is based on the master plan of the Xiong’an New Area. It is a blueprint designed to implement the city’s new developments through a “subtractive” approach for quality development in the new era.

The master plan emphasizes the coordinated development of different zones, which includes the Qingyang Port Waterfront City Centre, the Duke Creative Park, the Kunshan South Gateway, the Chaoyang Road CBD and the Tinglin Park Traditional Culture Zone—in addition to the S1 Rail Line Corridor. All of these zones will be developed with high standards and with their own characteristics. When completed, they will become outdoor “living rooms” and a model of urban renewal.

Savills participated in Kunshan’s release of its “Five Zones, One Line” plan and was entrusted by the Kunshan Municipal Government to disclose the plan.

Qingyang Port Waterfront City Centre

Covering an area of 3.4 sq km, the area is located in Kunshan’s city centre. Planned as an ecological, cultural and smart area, it will include six zones—a media port, a cultural oasis, an urban lifestyle community, a waterfront park, a futuristic life experience centre, and a youth entrepreneurship park. The area is designed to be a waterfront space that will enrich and diversify citizens’ urban life as the most environmentally attractive and economically prosperous hub in the city.

Duke Creative Park  

The park is located west of the city’s technology innovation cluster, covering an area of 3.84 sq km. It sits nearby three lakes, two industrial parks, and a town. With the support of Duke Kunshan University, the area will host the Sino-US (Kunshan) Technology Innovation Centre and serve as a mixed-used project integrating R&D centres, business services, and ecological parks. It aims to become a global magnet for technology entrepreneurs and innovators.

Kunshan South Gateway  

The area is located around the city’s high-speed railway station, with an area of 1.6 sq km. While serving as a transportation hub integrating high-speed trains, rail transportation, and public buses, the area will develop businesses such as office spaces for lease, business services and recruitment agencies. As an open, innovative modern gateway, the area will become an important business cluster in the inter-city economic belt of Shanghai and Nanjing.

Chaoyang Road CBD 

The CBD covers an area of 5.55 sq km in the old city centre of Kunshan. The area will be furnished with enhanced amenities and infrastructure according to a plan featuring “one ring, two axes, three centres and four zones”. The project aims to revive and transform the old city centre into an exquisite and livable model business district. 

Tinglin Park Traditional Culture Zone 

The zone is located at the foot of Yufeng Mountain, with a planned area of 0.73 sq km. It is designed with cultural and art parks, culture-oriented businesses and ecological and leisure facilities. It will epitomize the natural beauty and cultural richness of the city.

S1 Rail Line Corridor 

The line is 41 km long and will be completely constructed underground with 28 stops. The line will pass by all the major zones of the city and will significantly alleviate local traffic congestion. The project will be integrated with the surface transportation system and serve as a strong boost to the city’s renewal.


“Five Zones, One Line” is Shaping Models in Exquisite Urban Development

Driven quality urban development with complete functions and infrastructure  

The plan covers a variety of business models, including headquarters-based economy, technology, culture, tourism, trade, and business services. The city will develop a state-of-the-art transportation hub, ecological parks, cultural and tourism development platforms as well as lifestyle amenities that will ensure Kunshan’s future prosperity over the next two decades.

Pool technological talent through innovation incubators

Kunshan strives to become a globally competitive and influential centre for technological innovation. It is focused on building “One Corridor, One Park, and One Port” as well as the Duke Creative Park with high standards, and create a number of entrepreneurship and innovation incubators that will become drivers of technological innovation, destinations of choice for entrepreneurs and innovators, and catalysts for the commercialization of technologies.

Build a livable eco-city with excellent design and planning 

The city will follow the modern development concepts of the Xiong’an New Area by upholding an “ecological and green” approach to the development of its ecological and scenic zones. It will adopt international good practices in urban design to improve city functions. Moreover, the city will serve as a role model for the region and the country—a model that leads in manufacturing and serves as a livable and vibrant eco-city which people want to call home.


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