Savills: lululemon expands China presence with new stores in Chengdu and Guangzhou

22 November 2017

It seems like it was yesterday when we introduced lululemon to Beijing and Shanghai.

From form-fitting sportswear to yoga workouts that embody fitness and elegance to kickboxing classes that leaves you sweaty and strong, lululemon prepares you for a healthy, wonderful life.

Savills has recently brought lululemon to Chengdu and Guangzhou.

On September 29th, lululemon opened its first Southwest China store at Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, Chengdu.

If you are living in Chengdu, lululemon perfectly matches the city’s “slow-paced” healthy lifestyle. The 150-sq-m store at Taikoo Li showcases a full range of lululemon products — high-tech sportswear and accessories perfect for yoga, running, cycling, training and other exercises.

On November 10th, lululemon opened its South China store at Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou.

In this 130-sq-m store at Taikoo Hui, customers are welcome to try different workouts and feel the benefits of exercise, mindfulness, and the lululemon lifestyle.

The second lululemon store in Chengdu opened its doors on November 17th at the MixC.

The new store on the first floor of MixC enjoys easy access and a broad street frontage. Positioned as a healthy lifestyle centre, it will provide a unique shopping experience.

“After several years of hard work, we have guided lululemon into many key cities in China, helping expand lululemon’s vision of building a community centered on healthy living and mindfulness. Lululemon’s active lifestyle has gained popularity among Chinese consumers who are enthusiastic about participating in healthy-lifestyle events. As the health and fitness trend spreads, the demand for sports and athleisure wear will only continue to grow.”said Joey Chio, Head of Savills China Retail Tenant Representation


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