Looking Glass: The Shape of Things to Come

In this instalment of the Looking Glass series, we examine the 'tidal waves' affecting property investment - global debt and the ageing population.

Investors in commercial property will generally have very long term horizons, sometimes decades. Whilst the ‘small waves’ that wash up on our shore – vacancy, capital expenditure, regulatory changes and other issues – grab our attention and consume a large amount of our time, it is the ‘tidal waves’ that tend to knock us off our feet. 

In most investment, economic and commercial property research, the ‘tidal waves’ get relatively little attention because they are slow moving and don't change very often.

‘The Shape of Things to Come’ looks at two such ‘tidal waves’ – global debt and the ageing population. It is the combination of the two that actually brings about quite a stark picture with very serious implications for long term investors.

The Shape of Things to Come

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Looking Glass Series

Looking Glass

Looking Glass is a series of thought pieces produced by Savills Research in Australia.

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