Life Out of Balance

What if we told you that you could make money, save the planet and substantially reduce emissions at no cost? Guaranteed. Would you do it?

Life Out of Balance is a part of the Looking Glass series, a series of thought pieces produced by Savills Research in Australia. In this installment, Tony Crabb, Savills National Head of Research, examines the state of the environment and offers some simple solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment.

Watch TEDxQueenstown Video

Tony Crabb presented his thoughts on creating a '19 to 25 degree world' at TEDxQueenstown on 17 April 2016. 

View the full video

The full video on this topic is narrated by Tony Crabb and discusses the environment and climate change. 

Life Out of Balance White Paper

The white paper delves deeply into the history, facts, issues and potential solutions surrounding Life Out of Balance. 

How to get involved

At Savills we believe climate change is real, but that we shouldn’t just rely on others to make the changes needed. We are all occupants of buildings; either at home or at work, and we each contribute to the large number of resources consumed and the greenhouse gas emitted from them. 

Sign the pledge

By pledging your support to 'I Won’t Wear 2 Degrees', you can help save more than 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

Savills Green Guide

The Savills Green Tenancy Guide provides simple tools & techniques to help reduce the environmental impact of your office.

Savills Earth

With more than 1.6bn sq ft of property managed globally, Savills aims to engage with all our building occupants on sustainability matters.


Key contacts

Tony Crabb

Tony Crabb

National Head of Research

+61 (0) 3 8686 8012


Dale O'Toole

Dale O Toole

Manager - National Sustainability

+61 (0) 3 8686 8037


Press Release

5 May 2016
Air Conditioning at 19 to 25 Degrees Would Save Millions of Dollars

Governments and private companies could save millions of dollars and drastically reduce their carbon footprint with a simple adjustment to the way they use air-conditioning.

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