Looking Glass: Cities of the Future

If the world is more connected and more mobile, with people more able to work anywhere anytime with anyone, then this poses an enormous challenge to the value of the built environment.

Cities of the Future - All connected

This instalment of the Savills Looking Glass series explores the megatrends affecting the built environment. 

For the first time in human history, the world’s population is getting a choice about where they want to live and, increasingly, having the means to affect that choice. So, where in the world will people choose to live if they have the choice? 

‘Cities of the Future’ deals with urbanisation, the evolution of the industrial age and worker mobility. 

Welcome to 'Cities of the Future'.

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Tony Crabb

Tony Crabb

National Head of Research

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Looking Glass Series

Looking Glass

Looking Glass is a series of thought pieces produced by Savills Research in Australia.

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