Graduate Program Testimonials: 
Agency & Professional Services

Please find below some graduate testimonials:

Xander Gagnet

Xander Gagnet, 2016 Graduate Program NSW

The Savills Graduate Program is second to none. From the day my feet hit the ground I was right amongst the action. My first rotation in Residential Site Sales saw me assisting some of the best agents in the industry, and being included in meetings with institutional investors, high net worth individuals and developers.

Johnathon Broome

Johnathon Broome, Graduate NSW

The first hand industry experience gained through working at Savills has truly been second to none. From working with councils and government agencies to developers and institutional companies I have gained a real understanding of how the Sydney property market operates.

Alexandra George

Alexandra George, Graduate QLD

The Savills Graduate Program is a truly unique opportunity to experience the major facets of the property industry and establish a career pathway. The quarterly rotations through four divisions has given me hands on learning with staff from all levels and a more in-depth understanding of the property industry.

Mark Stafford

Mark Stafford, Graduate VIC

The Graduate Program at Savills has enabled me to experience numerous facets of the business, while giving me a great opportunity to work with and develop relationships with staff throughout the company. The experience has given me a fantastic insight into how different departments operate and helped to provide a clear outline as to where I want to take my career in the property industry.


Graduate Testimonial

Project Management Graduate Programme

"Savills Graduate Program has given me exposure to all sectors of the Property industry and helped me to identify the career path that’s best for me while working with highly skilled and supportive teams.".
- Alexandra George, QLD