Convert your empty space into an urban garden

Convert your empty space into an urban garden

Urban gardens are certainly gaining popularity - from restaurateurs harvesting their own herbs off the roof, to converting unused bowling greens into urban farms. But it doesn’t all have to be high end or big budget – urban gardens can be created wherever there is a little space, sunshine and soil, including the backyard, small balcony or windowsill.

It’s all about the benefits

For obvious reasons, sustainability and fresh organic produce are the big benefits – all it takes is good quality soil with plenty of nutrients, lighting and water (and a little effort!).

Urban farming can also be more productive than regular farming, particularly as most urban farms are designed vertically, allowing the produce to be grown on multiple levels.

The other big benefit is that you can create an urban garden in a small space, so if you live in an apartment, it’s still a viable option. Plus, it’s also a great way to cover up an unattractive part of the property and beautify your surroundings on a smaller scale.

Converting empty spaces to flourishing gardens

For larger spaces, you could consider setting up a rooftop garden with a green wall, and if you have a balcony, it could be a great area to set up a small garden with potted plants and climbers that flower throughout the year. Suspended string gardens can also add a unique look to the space.

Otherwise, potted hanging plants and vertical gardens are quite popular and there are so many options for all types of spaces. On window sills, you could set up window boxes for various plants and herbs for cooking, and on desks you could set up glass terrariums or bonsai trees.

There are also plenty of products you could purchase to add to your outdoor spaces, from garden shelves to mini greenhouses. If you have enough outdoor space, you could even consider planting some flowers to attract bees, and potentially even start your own urban beehive for honey production.

Where do I begin?

Whether you are creating an outdoor sanctuary or converting some indoor space, your first steps should be finding out about the soil, light and any essential equipment you may need. Read up on the best seasons for certain plants, types of seeds available as well as strategies around pest control.

Regardless of the size of your place – apartment, house or commercial space – it’s easy to set up an urban garden. For more tips on space planning, check out these blogs

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